Use cases

Follow (stolen) coins

If your bitcoin were stolen you can often trace if the thief moved the coins to an exchange in order to cash out. You might hand over the analytical evidence to the police or to your lawyer for further investigations.

Someone reported that 0.399 BTC were stolen. The scammer used the BTC address 1QEvpFJJE7CFfUd7sZ7yKD8ntpKVgvsv8D. Our tools assigned 25 BTC addresses belonging with high likelihood to the scammer and we found connections to three exchanges (, and

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What knows the tax administration about my bitcoins?

tax bitcoin
You received a letter from your tax authorities asking for your past Bitcoin transactions or BTC wealth and you don’t remember all details? Or you fear this might happen in the future because the authorities declare something as taxable what was not relevant at the time you traded? Then there is good news, you can search for all addresses belonging with high likelihood to the same trader.

You control the BTC address 1HostFat5s44SoTURQ7mBddPRK753MkeMU with balance 0 Euro and you want to make sure to identify the other addresses you own. You’ll find additional 34 addresses (e.g. 1Q15bmVm8Z4HJy8KmaDKKjfsQQQaQmTawu and 16H5t7gkYx5VtsgVD4KwwfB2N8nzePn5Hy) likely belonging to the same entity and an overall wallet balance of more than 751 BTC.

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Vanity addresses lookup

vanity search
You want to query BTC vanity addresses related to your name or city? Or has your divorced spouse always used vanity addresses with “DrBit” and you want to see how many there are?

For “Peter” our query finds more than 70 already used addresses like “1Peter1BFqwtzcDZTdHUko6WgZ7xkv1j8A” or “1PeterYXdDN3cMfTLA5p7eCXJrBgYkHx7z”.
For “DrBit” our database output is among more than 20 bitcoin addresses like “1DrBitVpmaHVoxQfX1d2HioKPQAAK6Sr32” and “1DrBitsGsFmHT1UevzVuWCv6iWAZXtKofc”.


Expert statements

Bitcoin alarm

bitcoin tracing
Are you a tax lawyer, prosecutor, tax consultant or from a public authority and need analytical expert advice on why or why not several Bitcoin addresses are assigned to the same entity and whether there are transfers leading to a Bitcoin exchange?

Example 1
The owner of BTC address “39x4qHHBePtp9a1dKp8dXoT88rDu2sDFtG” controls most likely additional 150 addresses e.g. address “34kqzkmDTh1kgvqpJ94UswA1HCw6KWtWfb” which withdrew funds from and address “39F7YukV7uemqZxZh4jnbhM2SQnATUzA64” which received funds from .

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Example 2
The shortest Bitcoin blockchain path between BTC address “1KafGst4bL7cHXmevJfgVTRjV7p7GuGqe1” and address “1Gb3P9u1Pg9ZdHno8aZnB1HaZ3r3nEX3ay” needs 6 hops and all involved addresses belong with a high likelihood to the same entity:
1KafGst4bL7cHXmevJfgVTRjV7p7GuGqe1 –> 1ND5Qd4yJTZa6UkZdLprncPGBccXdhd3SF –> 12rTdMzhu9nNjA8Dfat7t4o1t4cL7bVGDY –> 1574RWv8rMx5yCoiPSAahpzsEyRE5WjxDg –> 1Ke3tyD7SHz436Vae5DiA6SuHCbycnuGZg –> 14i5fcGHYGjo12LSz1J89dFH4YfaUrd56F –> 1Gb3P9u1Pg9ZdHno8aZnB1HaZ3r3nEX3ay

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bitcoin alarm
You want to get an email notification when there is any movement on a given set of BTC addresses?

For security reasons you get an immediate information when there is any transfer on addresses you control. Or you want to know when Satoshi’s addresses (block 1,2,3, ….) move. The same makes sense if you were scammed and you want to get immediate notice for further analysis as soon as the scammer moves the coins .

Bitcoin address monitoring (BTC alarm)

Bitcoin De-Mixer

bitcoin mixer
You have a difficult BTC transaction where standard heuristics doesn’t work? This is the case if someone uses a mixer like CryptoMixer or Wasabi or if the transaction has more than two output addresses. Depending on user behaviour it’s often nevertheless possible to link input and output addresses.

Example 1
Transaction d445ae28e32a4ae1e582975223518ef7a9320f2c82a600d9eb5d009e3983c886 uses more input addresses than necessary. Our analytics show that both output addresses belong with very high likelihood to the same person as all the 4 input addresses. It just looks like that there was a new owner of the funds.source:

Example 2
Wasabi transaction f39d831aef2e49e21f542e2e3a2b0d577dae40132b7da49506b45e0b042794a7 has 81 input- and 119 output addresses. Our de-mixer is able to link 22% of the ouput addresses to their inputs. Wasabi de-mixer btctester.comsource:

Bitcoin Transaction analyser (BTC De-Mixer)