How to trace scammers?

We specialize in tracking stolen bitcoin to exchanges. Starting from one bitcoin address of the fraudster, there are many analytical and forensic methods to find other bitcoin addresses of the fraudster and monitor the outgoing transaction chains from all grouped addresses to exchange deposits. For example, see some attacks here:
Blockchain attacks on privacy
In addition, we have developed our own analytical methods, which we use in the investigations for our customers.

We are constantly scanning the blockchain for this information. With these findings, after analysis, you can contact law enforcement or an attorney with the goal of having the fraudster’s funds frozen at an exchange (if available) or, alternatively, obtain the fraudster’s identification information to recover the stolen assets.

There are two main approaches:

  1. People without technical bitcoin background
    We perform the analysis and document the evidence (why we are convinced that the fraudster is a customer at bitcoin exchange X with deposit address Y) in a 10-15 page pdf report that you can use in further proceedings with police, lawyers, court or exchanges. It can be ordered here:

  2. People with technical bitcoin background
    If someone has a very good understanding of bitcoin transactions, then we recommend doing the analysis yourself by getting access to our analysis tools. There are several suitable products in our webshop depending on the specific question, here is one for example:

But a first quick analysis is always free of charge. If you send us the BTC address of the scammer (where your bitcoin were transferred to), we can tell you if tracing is already possible or not. You can also do this by checking the privacy score of the scammer’s address here:
The lower the score, the greater the chance to trace the scammer to exchanges. If the score is high, you should not give up too quickly, but be patient and monitor it frequently, because over time the score usually decreases, which is the case when the scammer performs more and more transactions.

So if you would like us to take a quick look at your particular case (e.g. to assess whether it is useful to follow up at this point), please send us the scammer’s BTC address(es).
We can’t promise that recovery is possible, as it could be that the scammer is bankrupt or lives in a jurisdiction that doesn’t cooperate with yours, but from our experience we know that we can track most scammers to exchanges, so the chances are far better than most people think. The reason why most scammers today are not caught is because law enforcement agencies are completely understaffed with good experts. We can fill that gap.