Shortest path between two BTC addresses 30

26,00  +VAT


The shortest Bitcoin blockchain path between BTC address “1KafGst4bL7cHXmevJfgVTRjV7p7GuGqe1” and address “1Gb3P9u1Pg9ZdHno8aZnB1HaZ3r3nEX3ay” needs 6 hops and all involved addresses belong with a high likelihood to the same entity:
1KafGst4bL7cHXmevJfgVTRjV7p7GuGqe1 –> 1ND5Qd4yJTZa6UkZdLprncPGBccXdhd3SF –> 12rTdMzhu9nNjA8Dfat7t4o1t4cL7bVGDY –> 1574RWv8rMx5yCoiPSAahpzsEyRE5WjxDg –> 1Ke3tyD7SHz436Vae5DiA6SuHCbycnuGZg –> 14i5fcGHYGjo12LSz1J89dFH4YfaUrd56F –> 1Gb3P9u1Pg9ZdHno8aZnB1HaZ3r3nEX3ay


You want to know if two given bitcoin (BTC) addresses are controlled very likely by the same person? And you want to know the path through the blockchain how the addresses are linked to each other? Then this is the right license for you. You’re entitled to use this license for 100 searches within 30 days.

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