Short BTC Address Analysis

120,00  +VAT

We create a short bitcoin tracing report (1-3 pages printed) for one BTC address for your follow up activities with law enforcement, lawyers and exchanges.


This license entitles you to send us within 1 year from purchase one BTC address for a short analysis. This might be helpful if you want to trace the bitcoin flow from one address e.g. to an exchange (potential cash out) or if there are discrepancies in the interpretation of bitcoin tax calculations or the legal or illegal use of bitcoin. If you don’t know exactly how to use our other tools or if you need a tracing statement for a bitcoin address (BTC) then this is the right product for you. This provides the rational how the bitcoin went from address A to address B including involved transactions.
In particular this is no automatic report, one of our experienced experts will personally look into the transactions:

  • You deliver us a Bitcoin address A (only BTC addresses)
  • We search for all addresses belonging with high likelihood to the same owner as A
  • For some addresses in this pool we look if there are relations (withdrawals, deposits) with exchanges or known services.
  • We look into the outgoing transactions of address A with several tools to see if funds are looping back or change it’s owner with high likelihood.
  • We provide an email report (1-3 print pages) with findings step by step and likely evidences how funds went from address A to a target address of an exchange (if existing)

Please allow us 2-3 working days to send you the results via email.

If you’re an experienced user you can create this kind of information on your own by using our other products. Our reports are not understandable for people who have no idea about the Bitcoin Blockchain. But they are understandable for experts, the specialized departments of the police or cryptocurrency tax consultants and respective tax lawyers.

If you need a more comprehensive analysis in a 10-15 pages pdf document with more detailed described evidences then please have a look here:
Advanced BTC Address analysis

We do not provide tax or financial advice, we find relations between bitcoin addresses in the blockchain if those relations exist. A provided relation between bitcoin addresses isn’t 100% sure, but we identify the most likely possibilities. There is no guarantee that we find any relation at all or always the right relations, sometimes it’s not existing because the coins weren’t moved yet or not visible because the controlling person was very smart to leave no traces. So we strictly recommend to do a Bitcoin privacy check and to send the addresses only if the privacy score of the address is lower than 30%. If the score is higher than 30% then it’s usually better to wait. But of course we accept all addresses if an expert statement is needed.