BTC Transaction Analyser (De-Mixer) 365

99,00  +VAT

Classical blockchain analytics links BTC addresses by looking for co-spending, change address detection, transfer amount analysis, re-use patterns, address types and similar things. This kind of bitcoin tracing fails often.

The transaction analysis tool can be very helpful in cases like

  • Mixer transactions: bitcoin were mixed in a tumbler and you try to de-mix it (linking output addresses of the mixer transaction to their inputs). This can be helpful to analyse Wasabi Coinjoin or e.g. CryptoMixer transactions
  • Non-standard transactions: If classical analysis fails for a BTC transaction you can try to use this search to get insight
  • As a complement for other analyses: If you know a likely link between an input- and an output address you can use this tool to further confirm the assumption
  • You want to analyse a BTC transaction with more than two output addresses
  • You wonder whether or not a transaction is a payjoin transaction (input addresses not belonging to the same entity)

With this license you’re entitled to use our database for 1000 searches within 1 year (365 days from purchase time).



Example 1
Transaction d445ae28e32a4ae1e582975223518ef7a9320f2c82a600d9eb5d009e3983c886 uses more input addresses than necessary. Our analytics show that both output addresses belong with very high likelihood to the same person as all the 4 input addresses. It just looks like that there was a new owner of the funds.source:

Example 2
Wasabi transaction f39d831aef2e49e21f542e2e3a2b0d577dae40132b7da49506b45e0b042794a7 has 81 input- and 119 output addresses. Our de-mixer is able to link 22% of the ouput addresses to their inputs. Wasabi de-mixer btctester.comsource:


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