BTC Address Forensics 30

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The Forensics BTC search uses several clustering technologies to group BTC addresses belonging with high likelihood to the same entity as a given BTC address. Additionally it matches all clustered addresses and their inputs and outputs with millions of know addresses of exchanges.

This is very helpful in cases like

  • A criminal stole your Bitcoins and you want to follow it through the blockchain in order to catch the thief at cashing out
  • You’re a victim of a ransomware attack and you’re trying to catch the blackmailer
  • You forgot at what exchange you made a deposit
  • You’re not sure if you declared all your old BTC transactions to your tax authorities
  • You have to defend yourself in case of unjustified allegations about your Bitcoins
  • You want to study relations between Bitcoin addresses
  • …..

With this license you’re entitled to use our database for 100 searches within 30 days.



Example – Bitcoin Exchange Relation analysisfor BTC address 1KafGst4bL7cHXmevJfgVTRjV7p7

The BTCtester analysis tool found 120 BTC addresses which are most probably owned by the same entity. The list of clustered BTC addresses:

[‘1KafGst4bL7cHXmevJfgVTRjV7p7, ‘1HpqHTAPaZyu5V3ab3iynSj78YCkd’, ‘1ND5Qd4yJTZa6UkZdLprncPGBccXd’, ‘163UB6FZPfXhznDLqcZFFdeCfsQXvtveQb’, ….. ….. ….. ………. ….. …..’1H5ANDQJMWxrR1z4rCtx6dfN7g7BAjkeDC’, ‘1PSgUqMjiPnikNunwR92gdXJy5XnqLT3PJ’, ’16ihwsJP56njL4wY2dWyUJibh2Pv2exM6d’, ‘1D2DnuLkPfXPo9zh82Luy6rKUQNKBSP3ke’,’1EA5PMX65DWhLoRs1RMScvD6YdqKqjLSVM’]

The BTC address 17asVKkzRGTFvvGH9dMGQaHe78xzfvgSSA sent funds to BTC address 16cSNeu25E74VzgGXA3wfNMB4xs4qHjVp5 which belongs to the exchange
The BTC address 14RgJL8bU6niM4NDNaAifwzqku6C1hQJdJ sent funds to BTC address 14r3gUeGXShitTE7qPPPN7FrGYvcRU3xPC which belongs to the exchange
The BTC address 14RgJL8bU6niM4NDNaAifwzqku6C1hQJdJ sent funds to BTC address 19oGVZTjc4uivbLeWHxeJEbrtnGNy5s5e8 which belongs to the exchange
The BTC address 15VjRaDX9zpbA8LVnbrCAFzrVzN7ixHNsC sent funds to BTC address 19y6iAKYgDodeqHwW9oxP7kPrWXPwzGHev which belongs to the exchange Flexcoin.
The BTC address 15VjRaDX9zpbA8LVnbrCAFzrVzN7ixHNsC received funds from the BTC address 1w32CexhYQbwDXszRAVeAsRj4JoNd22Yy which belongs to the exchange

This result is a snapshot at 2020-06-03 21:27:05.940184 (UTC+1).

With appr. 300,000 new BTC transactions per day there is a good chance that future transactions will bring us new insights about the analysed BTC address. Therefore we recommend a regular repetition of the analysis.DisclaimerAnalysis results can contain errors, so they are not 100% correct but only to a high likelihood.The team can therefore not guarantee the accuracy of individual statements despite all reasonable efforts. Please use the results with the appropriate caution and take note of our terms & conditions.

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