Bitcoin Privacy Check 3EPB1J2n39p95gksEEYcpakSZdgmZjxJsb

The privacy score for BTC address 3EPB1J2n39p95gksEEYcpakSZdgmZjxJsb is 1.39%.

AnonymousRevealed 98.6%
The closer your score is to 100% (predominant green bar), the better is the privacy status for your address. The more red you see the worse is it. The privacy engine was able to identify at least 2973 addresses belonging to the same entity than BTC address 3EPB1J2n39p95gksEEYcpakSZdgmZjxJsb. For example address 3HCSA2W7V6VJgWmAq44DJatkCZEQc4AnSq
We calculated the total balance this entity controls.

If you need a Bitcoin expert report (pdf, 10-15 pages) for BTC address 3EPB1J2n39p95gksEEYcpakSZdgmZjxJsb for your follow-up activities with police, authorities, lawyers and exchanges, order it here:
BTC Expert report
If you want to see a deep dive forensics analysis for BTC address 3EPB1J2n39p95gksEEYcpakSZdgmZjxJsb then you can get a license (1d/30d/365d access to our databases) here:
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General information about tracing you can find here: How to trace scammers

The Average Score is 24.27%, the minimum so far is 0.77% and the maximum 98.01%.
Half of all addresses are better than 10.17% and half are worse (median value).You cannot improve the privacy after the fact but you can learn for future transactions. 

If you want to have scores close to 100% for future addresses then try to achieve the following:
1) Use addresses only once
2) Do not buy or sell Bitcoins at central exchanges
3) The more outputs your transactions have, the better it's for your privacy (e.g. coinjoin transactions)
4) Study clustering technologies in order not to be an easy target for analytics
5) If you don't operate your own Bitcoin node make sure your wallet is connected to a trustworthy node