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The Bitcoin privacy tester uses latest mathematical models and artificial intelligence to show relations between Bitcoin addresses. The engine is still in loading and learning mode and finds millions of new links every day. Check again in a few weeks, then you will see more connections for your addresses and as well results for fresh Bitcoin addresses.

Search examples

  • ENTER 1HostFat5s44SoTURQ7mBddPRK753MkeMU (BTC address) to see other addresses which are most likely controlled by the same entity.


  • ENTER 1KafGst4bL7cHXmevJfgVTRjV7p7GuGqe1-1Gb3P9u1Pg9ZdHno8aZnB1HaZ3r3nEX3ay (BTCaddress1-BTCaddress2) to find the shortests blockchain path between the two addresses. It shows only a valid path if the Bitcoin engine is convinced that the two addresses belong to the same person


  • ENTER alice or other alphanumeric text with minimum length 4 and maximum length 25 if you want to find all Bitcoin Vanity addresses like 1ALice61DF9L1ef9vNXHXkbaLf6wp6Xsx4


The privacy engine delivers three result patterns. First, a list of Bitcoin addresses that are likely to be assigned to the same user. Second, the shortest blockchain path between two addresses assigned to an user, and third, a search for BTC vanity addresses.